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The UFC launched the 2020 blockbuster pay-per-view plan in less than two weeks, the long-awaited return of Conor McGregor against Donald Cowboy Serrone at UFC 246 in Las Vegas on January 18.

But while the MMA world is buzzing when “shameful,” which is likely to be one of the UFC PPV's best-selling events this year, returns, MMA employees in the Bleach Report play an alarm back and forth. The idea that the UFC could form one of the biggest and best years, they communicate with each other all day.

Because not only McGregor-Cerrone will appear at the end of this month, but John Jones will return to his next UFC lightweight on February 8th. UFC 247 in Houston fights against invincible Dominic Reyes.

Most importantly, the UFC chart in the first quarter boldly demonstrates the epic standoff of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 in Brooklyn on April 18.

Are you kidding me

Will there be anything better next year?

Well, we think so, and that is why we are gathering all the staff for discussion this time.

Hi everyone, which giants do you want to see the most besides the UFC during 2020?

Taylor: Habib vs. SHG
1 out of 3
Will the GSP wage another battle?
Will the GSP wage another battle? Jeff Bottari / Getty Images
Tom Taylor: Poor, poor George St. Pierre.

The former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion has struggled to resign and seems to never go out of fashion, but we will never let him resign.

Whenever he seems to stand out successfully, one of his trainers or training partners hints that he is still training or still feeling competitive, and then, you know, he was Khabib Nurmagomedov or Ka Kamaru Numangomedov was fired, and the entire combat community talks about it. The sport that made him more and more a star made him more and more a hostage.

Here I help this problem.

If the fire of the competition of Saint-Pierre is really still burning, and if he is really preparing to return during the break, then I definitely want to see his fight against the current lightweight champion Nur Magmedov.

Average weight, light 165 pounds, light weight ... it doesn’t matter.

It is hard to imagine a more attractive game. At first glance, this collision of the two largest stars in the history of MMA - in itself, has a sufficient riveting angle. However, there are many other variables to consider.

Who captures better?

How does Nurmagomedov cope with the size and strength of Saint-Pierre?

What will St. Pierre think after leaving the cage for so long?

If Saint-Pierre enters into a fierce battle, how will Nurmagmedov be fair?

Was Pierre at the age of 38 at the peak of his competition?

The only way to answer these questions is to fight with two people. The only way to confront the couple is if Saint-Pierre believes that Nurmagomedov was acquired by Tony Ferguson at UFC 249 in April, which is unbeatable by Saint-Pierre. Russian is a tempting problem, enough to complete his resignation.

The realists inside me say this will never happen.

But, damn it, I hope so.

Fitzsimmons: McGregor and Masvidal
2 out of 3

Lyle Fitzsimmons: Let's first explain some facts.

Our agent Kelsey excels in his profile. Huge battles have already occurred in books, and a large number of large battles can simply be attached, but only by email or by phone.

And I admit that collecting them well, based on style, importance, or other competing criteria, may be better than what I most wanted to see before the ball fell in 2020.

But that did not make me want Conor McGregor to turn less to Jorge Masvidal.

If you lived in an Internet-unfriendly cave from this time in January last year, then the most notorious UFC villain recently announced that he would be back after spending the entire shelf in 2019. Madwidal, who was born last year, lost four of his seven games and was suspended from two consecutive games by Darren Thiel (KO 2), Ben Askeron (KO 1) and Nate · Diaz (TKO 3) and make up and become a villain advancement. ,

In other words, this is a game that takes place not only in the heels of heaven, but also in the heels of time.

When you sign and stamp, imagine the pleasure of a press conference with Masvidal.

The creative curse is about to open. Accompanying person. Air combat is much more than possible.

Everything about the dream of a live editor consists of these things.

John Jones, defending the pedestal from sterling to sterling and the long terrible rule of Kabib Nurmagomedov, really deserves attention, where there is no struggle at all, maybe Freud Floyd Mayweather meets Amanda Nunes in a cage (Hey, Dana, remember who suggested it!) - By compared to McGregor-Masvidal, mobile hardcore / mainstream / leisure Sports fans have more